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Currently based out of Melbourne, I have been creating stunning images, videos, live demonstrations and recipes for a diverse range of clients for editorial, commercial, packaging, publishing, film, social and television campaigns.


With a broad knowledge and understanding of food, and a fantastic infrastructure of some of the best photographers in the industry, let me help you to create your next amazing new project locally, nationally or internationally.

Jamie Humby Melbourne Food Stylist working on set for a major advertising campaign

Selected Clients:

Melbourne Food Stylist on MasterChef.jpg

Hi and thanks for being here! My names Jamie and welcome to my site, here's some info about me and how I got here: Born in Auckland, NZ, I have always had a passionate connection with food from a very young age. One of my fondest memories are the smell and humid air that enveloped me as I entered my grandfathers greenhouse, where he grew the most amazing tomatoes and vivid green beans, that he was always so so proud of. Oh and the this day I have never had something so fresh, so honest, so simple.


From my mothers self saucing chocolate pudding, to her freshly baked bread rolls and aromatic vegetable soup - I don't think I ever stood a chance at anything else but a career in food!


For the last 21 years from completing my chef degree in Auckland, to travelling the world working in some of the most demanding and interesting kitchens in NZ, Australia, Norway, Sweden and beyond, I have been on a journey with food that provides me with constant inspiration and amazement.

Melbourne Food Stylist Client List.jpg
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