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Coconut Teff Pancakes

If you haven't already heard, Teff is the new super-food kid on the block, and boy is he ready to pull his weight. packed with nutrients and amazing health benefits, not to mention its nutty and wonderful flavor profile, it has quickly become a staple in my kitchen for all things sweet and savory. ina snapshot heres some of the amazing benefits of Teff:

  • 100% Gluten Free;

  • Low In Fat;

  • Low In Sodium (assisting in lowering blood pressure);

  • High in resistant starch;

  • Low Glycemic Index (low GI);

So if you don't yet have your hands on some, be sure to look out for The Outback Grain Co's products on shelves near you, these guys are Australian owned and operated, and produce nothing but the finest grains from paddock to plate, with strict quality control measures used to ensure their products are not contaminated with gluten or foreign materials.

try these Pancakes at home to get you started and enjoying this nutritional powerhouse, perfect for long days out and about, sports or general health and well being.

COCONUT TEFF PANCAKES Pancake batter: 1 ½ cup Teff flour 1 tsp baking powder 1 ¼ cup nut milk* 2 eggs 1 tbsp maple syrup 1 tsp grated fresh nutmeg 1 tbsp vanilla extract 1 tbsp coconut oil* Toppings: ½ cup coconut yoghurt* ½ cup coconut flakes toasted 1 punnet fresh raspberries ½ cup coconut nectar* Method: In a large bowl, thoroughly mix all of your pancake batter ingredients and leave to rest for a few minutes. Heat a large, non stick frypan over a medium heat and add ¼ tbsp. of your coconut oil Using a ¼ cup measure, pour 3-4 even sized pancakes into your pan, depending on its size and cook for 3-4 minutes until little holes form around the edges, this means they are ready to flip and cook for a further 2 mins, remove from pan onto a plate and cover with a tea towel, repeat until all your batter is used up, this should make 10 pancakes. Stack as many pancakes as you like on your plate, top with yoghurt, flakes, berries and nectar and eat them up! Great hot or cold the next day. *Milk, oil, yoghurt and nectar can always be replaced for more conventional items if you like or have that in your shopping

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