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Cookies  & Cream protein smoothie

Forever pretending to be a mixologist, I am constantly whipping up new recipes for smoothies - and here is a creation i threw together wit some faithful pnatry/ freezer staples and a new fantastic, natural and delicious protein powder from ATP science, an all Australian, all natural supplement company I have been trying out and boy am I thrilled with the results. If your like me and looking for to replenish those enegry stores after a long surf, run or epic gym session ( or just like delicious things) then give this easy peasy smoothie a whirl!


2 bananas, chopped and frozen

250ml almond milk

200ml water

2 scoops ATP Science vanilla caramel No-way protein

1 tsp cinnamon

1 tbs cacao nibs + extra for garnish


  1. Place all ingredients except for extra cacao nibs in a blender and mix until smooth and thick.

  2. Pour into chilled glasses, garnish with cacao nibs and devour!

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