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Teff superfood smoothie

When the Outback Grain co asked me to create a smoothie recipe for them using Teff flour, I must admit, I was a little curious to say the least! But honestly, I could not be happier with the resulting nutty, creamy texture! Be sure to give this one a try and head over to the guys at to source the ONLY Australian grown and distributed Teff grain! Shout outs to Marina Oliphant for making this image look so so amazing, be sure to check her website shes an amazing talent behind the lens!


1 banana, chopped and frozen

1 cup frozen raspberries

1 tbsp Teff powder

1 tsp ground cinnamon

1 tsp maca powder

1 tbsp goji berries

500ml coconut water

1 tsp maple syrup

bee pollen and fresh raspberries to serve


  1. Place all ingredients except for Bee pollen and fresh raspberries in jug of a blender and pulse on high for 4mins until smooth and creamy

  2. Pour evenly into serving glasses, garnish with bee pollen, fresh raspberries and serve cold.

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